XPSCOMMERCE Magento Custom Development


Founded in Sweden over 10 years ago, Ridestore is known for its impressive selection of outdoor brands. With customers at the heart of its operational strategy, the company offers regional online shops in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and the UK.

Ridestore uses direct customer feedback to refine seasonal collections for its in-house brands. The retailer joined forces with its customer base to co-create the fastest growing snow brand in Europe - Dope Snow.

Implement headless e-commerce, based on Magento 1.9 and React frontend. Create custom API for search products over Magento database, navigate and checkout.

Process orders with Klarna API integration. Implement Lokalise API and lexical text parser for products mass translation.



15 years experience of work with e-commerce projects as an contractor