XPSCOMMERCE Magento Custom Development

Cordial Extension

Cordial is a flexible, real-time platform for marketing and technology teams to deliver personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent messages across any channel. Activate unlimited amounts of customer data up-to-the-second and connect with complex business data, regardless of its structure or schema. Empower your teams to create, experiment, and validate their strategies in real-time, transform your processes, and deliver business-changing customer engagement.

Create Salesforce plugin intergration to export/import customers, orders and products database. Track SFCC purchases and trasfer data to the marketing platform.

Migrate extension codebase to Magento 2.3, implement tracking API for PWA Magento.

Update React components to use tracking API, create Laravel REST service for register tracking events.


M2 Extension / API

15 years experience of work with e-commerce projects as an contractor